Front Regear pt2

I made my own pinion dummy bearings and carrier bearings out of my old bearings. If you don't mind paying
extra you might want to buy some new bearings for this.

I ground out the old bearings until it would slide on and off the pinion.

I tried to keep the old spacers and measured them for a starting point for the new setup. These are the carrier bearing spacers.

Here is a dummy bearing I made from the old bearings

I used a pipe to pop out the old seals.

Make sure you install the new parts in the right order

This is also a dummy bearing race. I just ground down the outside so it would slide in and out of the diff casing.

Put in your spacers. The Dana 30 doesn't use a crush sleeve so you will need to figure out the spacer thickness needed.

Put the new pinion in with its slinger and bearing and spacers if it needs it.

Make sure you have some lube on those bearings

Part 1 - Take apart the old Dana 30

Part 2 - Trial and error

Part 3 - Install the new parts

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