Jeep Cherokee Oil Filter Adapter

Here is how to repair an oil filter adapter that leaks. This will be the same process for older Cherokees but there is a normal 6 point head bolt instead of the torx.
The oil filter adapter o-rings tend to get old and lose elasticity. When this happens the oil will slip through and drip from the area that should be sealed by the o-rings. We just need to replace the o-rings. I think I was able to get an o-ring kit from the local auto parts store. If not the dealership will have one.

This is what you will be removing. No need to drain the oil from the whole engine.
You will want to remove the filter to start with. There will be a good amount of oil in the filter so be prepared with something to catch it on the ground.

I used a torx T60 wrench with a crescent to get to the torx bolt.

It is a really tight fit in there so you have to be a bit creative.

Here are the old parts of the oil filter adapter.

I then removed the old rings and replaced them with new ones from an oil filter adapter ring kit.

This is what it looks like under the adapter when it is removed

Now you just put all the pieces back together. Make sure you tighten it sufficiently so it doesn't leak. Once I finished this fix I no longer had any oil filter adapter leaks.