Jeep Cherokee Transfer case drop

Here is how I removed my transfer case drop. If you want to install a Jeep Cherokee Transfer Case drop you can just follow the instructions backwards. This is a very very simple job if you simply have a floor jack and some good wrenches. You may want to get some new hardware to replace the old nuts and bolts.

You will need:
PB Blaster
Jack - floor jack preferred
Wrenches or sockets

1. The fist thing I did was soak down the nuts and bolts with PB Blaster penetrating spray to help break up some of the rust and make them easier to loosen and remove. I actually did this a few days before I started to work on it so the bolts could "soak".

2. The next step was to put some pressure on the transfer case bracket with my floor jack. This allows you to remove the bolts without fear of dropping the TC to the ground.

3. All you need to do now is remove the bolts connecting the block to the frame.

4. Once you remove one sides block you may not be able to attach the TC bracket to the frame until you have removed block from the other side. I would suggest using the old longer bolt to hold it in place til you remove the other side.

5. Remove the other side and bolt the whole thing down. Use the jack to lift it up into place so you can put the nuts and bolts on. It should be easy enough to line things up. Just remember the passenger side has elongated holes in the TC bracket to allow for some adjustment so it would be easier to bolt down the driver side first.

That is all there is to it.

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