Power Window Problem Workaround

This article will describe how to get your power windows to work if the only person that can roll windows up and down is the driver.

It is common in the Jeep XJ Cherokee to have problems with the power window buttons. Sometimes in my 1999 Jeep XJ I have the issue where the passengers cannot roll up and down the windows using the power window button near them. The funny thing is that the driver can do it fine for all the windows but it is annoying to have to be the official window roller.

The problem seems to be with the window lock button. It gets stuck inside and prevents passengers from using their buttons. I found somewhat of a non-permanent workaround for this. The trick is as follows:

  1. Have a passenger hold the window button down (either for up or for down).
  2. The driver then proceeds to press the window lock button in a rapidfire type of way pressing it over and over again.
  3. Keep the rapid fire pressing until the passenger window finally moves. Your work is now finished and the passengers will have access to roll up and down there windows for a while until the problem happens again.


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