Front Regear pt1

You need to tear down the old setup:

I start by loosening the wheel lugs and lifting the Jeep because the wheels will need to be removed to get the axle shafts off.
Prepare to drain the differential fluid

Remove the dif cover bolts

Pull off the cover and drain the dif fluid

Loosen the driveshaft bolts

Remove the driveshaft and use some wire to hold it out of the way

Use a pipe wrench to keep the yoke in place so you
can remove the pinion nut.

Begin getting to the axle shafts by removing the wheels

Remove the two bolts that hold
on the brake assebly

Remove the brake assembly and hang it out of the way with some wire

Use your pipe wrench again to hold the axle shaft
Remove the axle nut
Remove the three bolts that hold on the hub

Note: Don't pry the hub off
Use a 3/8 inch extension and turn your steering wheel
Pull the axle shafts out.

Get ready to remove the gears
Notice the markings on the bearing clamps
They will match the markings on the axle
Upside down and sideways A's
are the markings
Remove the bearing clamps

Pull out the ring and carrier and bearings
You may need to lightly pry them out

Tap the pinion out with a rubber mallet

You need to get the seal out
I just used a flatbar to pry it
and it came right out
Note: gear oil will come out when this comes off

Pull out the bearings and the shim

Use a punch and a hammer to pound out the inside bearing race

Remove the ring(if you need to for a new carrier)
I used two sockets for leverage on two bolts and one to loosen(RH bolts)

The last couple
I used L-metal with some holes for leverage
I didnt have to screw in those bolts just put them in the holes

Look for this hole

Use a punch to pound out the roll pin

Pull the roll pin out

Push the cross shaft through and
pull it out

Twist the gears and pull them out

Be aware of the washers on
the gears

Clean all the parts before reinstallation

Begin installing the gears into the
new carrier

Insert the cross shaft to hold them
all in place

Hammer in the roll pin to hold the
cross shaft in place

Remove the pinion bearings
using a puller or whatever you
have that can do it

Part 1 - Take apart the old Dana 30

Part 2 - Trial and error

Part 3 - Install the new parts

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