Jeep Cherokee Hub Bearing Rebuild

I have replaced a Cherokee hub bearing or 2 and it is unpleasant because they are expensive and it's no fun paying big bucks for something that won't make you Jeep Cherokee any cooler. I have always been curious if you could split one, service it and then put it back together to prevent a future replacement so here is what I did.

1. 3 prong puller tool
2. large socket
3. rubber mallet
4. grease

cherokee hub bearingsSplit the Cherokee hub bearings

I just use the puller with a little custom enginuity with a large socket and pulled the hub apart.

split cherokee hubHere is the hub bearing split apart

From here you can clean and regrease the hub bearings.

Once you have done this you can put the Cherokee hub back together using the rubber mallet and re-install it in your Cherokee.

I don't claim that you will be able to 'fix' bearings this way or even that this is a good idea, but I am sure a few of you will try it and get back to me and let me know if splitting and re-greasing these Cherokee hubs is useful or not.
PS... I have been using hub bearings that I split and they are working great.