Leaf Spring Bolts

How to remove the Leaf Spring Bolts

Sometimes those leaf spring bolts are a bugger to get out. Especially the bolts that go directly into the frame. I had trouble removing one of them. It came out of the nut that is in the frame but I could not get it out of the metal sleeve that the bolt goes through. This is a common problem and here is what I did but the real solution is the last paragraph of this page:

I used a cutoff wheel to cut the leaf spring off.

Once the spring was off I cut off the rubber bushing off to reveal the sleeve frozen on the bolt.

Then I tried to turn the bolt inside the sleeve with a pipe wrench. This DID NOT WORK either. That sleeve was not going to budge.



The last step was to cut the bolt out with a reciprocating saw. There really isn't any other way to get that bolt out of there. I could have gone straight to cutting the bolt out from the beginning. That is what I suggest doing.