Tougher Jeep Cherokee Tie Rod

This is a short tutorial for upgrading your Cherokee tie rod. The stock Cherokee tie rod is a sort of weak point. There are plenty of tie rod kits you can purchase from after market vendors but you can save a bunch of cash if you just use the Grand Cherokee tie rod. You can either purchase the parts from a parts dealer or just do what I did and get one from the junk yard. Make sure the Cherokee tie rod dust boots are in good condition and replace them if they are not.

You need:
-Grand Cherokee tie rod ($30 from junk yard)
Note: Only the V8 Grand Cherokees has this heftier tie rod
-Tie rod dust boots ($5 - auto part store)
-Zerk grease gun
-A couple of wrenches and a screwdriver

cherokee tie rodHere is my tie rod from the junkyard. It is in decent condition. The joints still move fairly well.
tie rod collarHere is the tie rod sleeve.
tie rod endHere is the other end.

old grand cherokee tie rodHere is a picture of the generic tie rod boots I bought from the local part store.
tie rod collarThis boot has a crack so I will replace it with the new one.
I used a screwdriver to pry the old one off.
tie rod endIt comes off really easy.

rebuilt tie rod endNow just slide the new boot on there and you are done. Just install it now.