Welcome to my Jeep XJ Cherokee website.

I have created this site to document all the things that I do to my Jeep XJ Sport and to be of service to anybody that has their own and would like to learn from my experience.

I enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together and my XJ is a great source for that. At the time of the creation of this website I am no expert working on Jeeps or four-wheeling but I do have experience with them both and I hope to become expert at the vehicle that I currently own, a 1999 Jeep XJ.

I bought the Jeep Cherokee shortly after my birthday as a gift to myself for being such an amazing person and for turning 31 and still being a bachelor. Although I have typically been a fan of white or black for a paint color I bought a red one because I heard they were faster.

It already had aftermarket Eagle rims and 30 inch tires to compliment the 2 inch budget boost and transfer case drop combo. Other than that it is was a stock Jeep XJ. It only had 87000 miles when I bought it and I plan on it lasting many many more. It runs great so far... although shifting my Cherokee Sport into part-time 4x4 can sometimes be a little tricky(fixed). I am excited to see this Jeep change into my own creation.

So look around and look at all the modifications I have done to my XJ. Click on the Technical Writeups tab to see all the writeups I have done. There are plenty more to come when I have time. If you have any comments about my or your own XJ Sport please feel free to leave them.

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jeep XJ

Update on my Jeep Cherokee

Since I bought my Jeep I have done quite a few things to it. The first thing I did was get a 3.5 inch Rubicon Express Lift with full leaf packs and install it with a new set of Cragar wheels and BFG tires.

At one point I became concerned about a weird sound that I was having and replaced all the easily accessible bearings with no luck at finding the problem. I replaced some bearings in the transfer case and some bearings in the rear axle and even replaced a hub in front. I eventually fixed the sound when I regeared the front axle of my Cherokee. There was a bad pinion bearing that needed to be replaced. Now it sounds nice and quiet(er) than before.

It is still a Jeep XJ so I have creeks and moans here and there that seem impossible to find. Over all I am very happy with my purchase. These Jeeps are quite amazing and I can see it lasting me a very long time.

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