Jeep Cherokee Dana 30 Axle Shaft Removal

How to Remove the Axle Shafts on a Dana 30

Here is a quick writeup on how to get your axle shafts out of a dana 30.

The first thing you need to do to get ready get to the axle shafts is to make sure you have all the tools you are going to need. Here are the tools I used:

1. Ft/Pound torque wrench
2. Lug Wrench
3. All sorts of wrenches and sockets... and breaker bars
4. Pipe wrench

I start by loosening the wheel lugs and lifting the Jeep because the wheels will need to be removed to get the axle shafts off.
Prepare to drain the differential fluid

Remove the dif cover bolts

Pull off the cover and drain the dif fluid

Begin getting to the axle shafts by removing the wheels

Remove the two bolts that hold
on the brake assebly

Remove the brake assembly and hang it out of the way with some wire

Use your pipe wrench to hold the axle shaft
Remove the axle nut

Remove the 3 bolts holding the hub to the spindle using a 13mm 12point socket.

NOTE: Don't pry the hub off - HOW TO REMOVE THE HUB

Pull the axle shafts out and you are done.