Jeep Cherokee Pinion Angle

How to Adjust the Pinion Angle on the Rear Axle

It is important to make the pinion angle correct so you reduce vibrations in your driveshaft. If you have added a SYE on your Cherokee and have vibrations there is a good chance that you have to adjust the pinion angle. This is done by using metal shims. The consensus would tell you to use steel shims and to avoid the aluminum shims. For my application I used 4 degree shims to correct the misaligned pinion angle.

Here is a driveshaft like a stock XJ driveshaft. Notice the output shaft of the transfer case and the pinion in the differential are parallel.

Here is a CV driveshaft that you would use to do a SYE on your Cherokee. Notice the pinion angle is pointed toward the transfer case. This is the angle that we want to achieve with our shims.

You want this angle to be close to zero.

NOTE: If you just put a lift on it you must remember that the leafs will "settle" so make sure you account for that.


Remove the leaf spring and put C-clamps on the leaf spring to hold all the leafs together for when you remove the center pin.

Install the new shim by placing it on the leaf spring and pushing the new longer center pin through.

NOTE: Make sure the fatter end of the shim is at the rear of the Jeep to adjust the pinion angle upwards.


Driver Side Shim
Notice the thicker end toward the rear

Install the leaf and enjoy a vibration free ride.


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