Jeep Cherokee Rear Latch Fix

How to Fix the Rear Latch Lift Gate Problem

Can't open the lift gate because the latch won't work? Not being able to open the lift gate is a common problem on the newer Jeep Cherokees. The handle isn't moving far enought to trigger the mechanism that releases the lift gate. All that you need to do is adjust a small piece and you are done. It is really a simple fix.
If you can't get it open and it is really hot, try hosing it down with water to cool it down. That worked for me. For some reason heat made this problem worse. If that doesnt work, you may need to go underneath and remove the bracket that the latch is attached to.
Remove the panel on the rear lift gate:
Remove the screws. Remove the handle with a torx wrench. It will still be attached but you can just pull it off at this point by just carefully pulling it and unpopping the connections.

This is what you are trying to get at. This is the opposite side of the latch.

Use a flathead screwdriver and pry the notched rod out of the holder. Move the rod upward toward the window as far as it will go without engaging the mechanism and replace the rod into the holder.

You are done.

You shouldn't have any more problems opening your rear lift gate.