Split the Jeep Cherokee Transfer Case

You can split the transfer case while it is still attached. It is a fairly easy thing to do. You don't need any special tools. A mechanics toolset will suffice. I have an np231 transfer case and I will show you how I split it without removing it from my jeep to do some maintenance.

The first thing you need to do is remove the driveshaft from the rear side. The front can stay attached unless you plan on removing everything inside. If that is the case, you should remove the front driveshaft as well. It will be more difficult to do so after the case is apart.

Put an oil pan under the transfer case to catch the fluid and then remove the speedo sensor and speedo gear from the driverside-ish side. It is just one bolt. Be sure to remember where the fork was placed on the sensor so it is easier to replace when the time comes. Once the sensor fork bolt is removed you can pop the whole thing out. Just give it a good tug.

Now remove all the bolts from the rear facing side of the transfer case.

There is a small recess on the left and on the right for a flathead screwdriver to pry the transfer case apart. Find the one on the left and pry a little bit.
NOTE: This should cause the fluid to begin to flow out of the case.

Now find the recess on the right and pry. You should now be able to remove all the fluid from the case.

Now you can pry the case the rest of the way apart. I would suggest prying from a point that is wider or thicker. Prying from the thin walled area could cause some damage that may cause leaking later.
You should be able to pull the case half straight off at this point.

Here is an image of the left recessed location.

Here is an image of the right location.

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