Jeep Cherokee RE1600 Trackbar

Installation of the Rubicon Express RE1600 Trackbar On the Jeep Cherokee

As with all upgrades removing the old is the hardest part. Be sure to spray all nuts and bolts with PB Blaster to loosen up the corrosion.

This job is easiest if you have a buddy that can help man the steering wheel while you pull bolts and replace them.


Some people would just suggest removing the bolt that holds on the ball joint and leaving the mount on. I removed the whole thing and I think it made things easier because I didn't have to work on the ball joint while under the truck.
There are these two nuts that need to be removed...

and then two bolts on the underside.

NOTE: To remove the underside bolts you will need a long extension. They all came off relatively easy.

This bolt is attached to a nut that is welded to a bracket that keeps it from turning. When you remove the bolt you can remove the bolt/bracket combo.

NOTE: I removed it and saw that the nut was barely attached to it and decided to weld a new nut on. If you have access to a welder, I would suggest this.

Bolt on the new trackbar and then attach the bracket back to the frame.

NOTE: Unscrew the trackbar a couple of inches to get a starting point for adjusting the front axle location before you attach the mount.
Remember that the threads are backwards.

Have a buddy in the drivers seat turn the wheels until they are going straight forward. Put the wheels back on and lower the vehicle to the ground. You will notice that the axle may be offset to one side or the other. Have your buddy move the steering wheel until it looks like it is centered and each wheel sticks out the same amount.
Then you will need to adjust the trackbar by screwing it in or out so the hole on the trackbar matches up with the whole on the frame. Once you get them matching up put the bolt in.

NOTE: Before you tighten the bolt down, recheck the location of the axle. Most likely you will need to move it a little in one direction or the other.

Tighten it down and you are all done!

Now you will probably want to adjust the toe in and maybe even the steering wheel alignment.