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Feb 18, 2010

Plane Wreck Experience

What it is like here after the plane wreck in East Palo Alto.
Category: General
Posted by: andy

So it has been a day since the wreck and the investigation has been underway for a while now. The plane wreckage still lingers behind a police tapeline and the presence of government workers is prominent.

Yesterday I was confined to my house for the most part. We were given a small window of time to drive out if we so desired but we would not be able to drive back in. I decided to stay. Later in the evening we could walk in and out of the area with an escort.

My street which is Shorebreeze Ct is a small circle of new homes and was blocked off by the police tapeline pretty much all day after the wreck. The plane wing had crashed on one side of the entrance to my circle and the main part of the plane had crashed and settled on the other side of the entrance so there was really no direction we could go without being stopped by the police or firemen.

The power had been taken out by the plane when it hit the tower and the whole area around us was without power until around 4 or 5pm. The odd thing was we had power in our little cirlce throughout the whole ordeal. We must have been on a different circuit than the rest of the area. Power was out for miles it seemed in all directions.

That evening I walked down the street and out of the crash site to hang out with friends for a little relief from being cooped up at my house all day. They had blocked off my circle and Beech St. where the wreck had settled. They had also blocked off parts of Pulgas where my friends were going to pick me up. It was a bit of a walk to get out of the area that had been blocked off by police.

I returned that night at about 11pm and the area was still buzzing with government workers. I made my way back to my house with a junior fireman as my excort. He was actually one of the first on the scene since he lived as close as I did to the crash site. I remembered him running around helping to keep people calm and away from the crashed and burning plane. When I spoke to him that morning he said he could see someones legs coming out from beneath the wreckage. I asked him again about the legs and if he saw any movement at that time and he said he had not. He continued to say that a neighbor that had been really close to the wreckage and thought he heard some cries for help coming from the fiery mess. The fireman also told me we would be able to come and go as we pleased the next day.

So today I headed out to work and was able to drive past the wreckage. There were still a ton of officers and government workers. I came to the police tapeline that was stretched across the street which blocked my way and was not sure what I was supposed to do. There was nobody to lift the line for me and I couldn't just drive through it. I sat there for a moment and finally saw a resident that was walking by and had him lift the tape for me to leave. As I rolled away I could see a bunch of folks from the media waiting around for any updates or extra news they could add to what has already been reported.

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