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Feb 7, 2007

Install - Day 2

I decided not to go to the gym today but to instead try to install the whole back end lift. It took 10 hours due to some really annoying snags.
Category: Modifications
Posted by: andy
I worked on my jeep today from the time I got off work until 2 am. If everything would have gone smoothly it would have only taken a few hours. I removed the drivers side first and all the nuts and bolts came off. They didnt come off easily but they all came off. Nothing needed cutting or breaking to remove.
Once I got everything off, it was time to install the new stuff. I put everything in place and then realized the U-bolts didn't fit. They sent me bolts for the Dana 35 axle. I of course have the Chrystler 8.25 axle which is beefyer so it they didnt fit. I drove around to find some that would fit but couldnt find any. My only other choice was to alter the old ones so they weren't so long. I used a reciprocating saw initially and it worked until the blade was dull, which wasnt very long. Then I used my dremel which took a long time to cut through a bolt that thick but I didnt have a choice.  When I was done cutting the bolts, I used the dremel wire brush to clean the bolts. They worked like a champ.
At this point it was about 9pm and dark and my shop light had gone out. I decided to drive to Walmart to get a new light and some more dremel tools to make the next half easier. I drove to Walmart with only the left rear lifted. I probably looked funny. I realized when I got to Walmart that my bottom shock bolt had not been tightened and I also forgot to tighten my wheel lugs. I am really on top of things. Nothing happened though. I was super careful driving back.
The passenger side is what gave me the most problems. I removed all but the front leaf spring bolt without problem. The front bolt was rested to the metal sleave that is encased in the rubber bushing in the leaf spring so it didnt want to come out. I ended up cutting the leaf spring off and then cutting out all the metal and rubber surrounding the bolt and finally cutting the bolt out. Luckily I still had a bolt that was left over from the control arm installation from the other day. This process took over 2 hours. It was the most hellish removal experience of my life. Then I still had to cut the U-bolts and install the rest of the rear. I finally finished a 1:45 a.m.
Now my back is super sore from all the tight bolts and leaning over and crouching and such. My hands are torn up from cranking the tools and my head hurts from bumping it on the frame a million times and my arms are bruised from smacking them on hard surfaces while removing bolts. It has been an adventure. I really have enjoyed it though. I love this stuff. I just wish I wouldnt run into so many snags.

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